ADR returns after 2 years of Silence

12/07/18 at Cans Venue & Lounge

Last week was very special to me. After 2 years since our last show, we played as Alter Der Ruine.

The energy felt of anticipation, both from us and everyone that attended. I felt everything open up as the night started, and it only kept pushing from there.


For me, there was a bit of awkwardness at first. Mainly because I was tapping into something primal and emotional that had not been tapped into for some time.
After the first few notes those awkward feelings swept away, like a wave of relief knowing that I was finally in this place again.


We were joined by Randall Swindell (SWINDY, Ensphere, The Shift) who provided a whole new element to our live experience with bass, guitar, and additional keys. In my opinion this was the best we have ever sounded live.


Music was/is the gap between everything else. It fills spaces in conversation, underscores a drive, provides context for escape and empowerment. It’s ‪the Beach Boys‬ as much as it is a white noise loop or wind in a forest. You experience it before you can define it. That is the love of sound and music.

Before the show an interview was released from us VIA
Many thanks to Julie Jennings Patterson for this! You can check out the interview in its entirety HERE

Huge thank you to everyone involved in making this happen. Cans (which will soon be no longer), NOT BREATHING, & Tree’s Speak, DJ // MIJITO //, and everyone that attended, traveled, and brought your incredible energy.