RITUAL says goodbye to CANS

I'm sad to say that CANS Venue & Lounge will be no longer starting January 2019. Gone too soon, and was needed badly in our community as a space for musicians, weirdos and curious attendees. This will be our last RITUAL at Cans. We recently moved this night and losing what I felt was a literally perfect spot for this night definitely stings. We will be skipping the month of January while I regroup as to where we will go from here. Come out next Friday the 21st. DJ’s Plastic Disease & // MIJITO //, no cover.


ADR returns after 2 years of Silence

12/07/18 at Cans Venue & Lounge

Last week was very special to me. After 2 years since our last show, we played as Alter Der Ruine.

The energy felt of anticipation, both from us and everyone that attended. I felt everything open up as the night started, and it only kept pushing from there.


For me, there was a bit of awkwardness at first. Mainly because I was tapping into something primal and emotional that had not been tapped into for some time.
After the first few notes those awkward feelings swept away, like a wave of relief knowing that I was finally in this place again.


We were joined by Randall Swindell (SWINDY, Ensphere, The Shift) who provided a whole new element to our live experience with bass, guitar, and additional keys. In my opinion this was the best we have ever sounded live.


Music was/is the gap between everything else. It fills spaces in conversation, underscores a drive, provides context for escape and empowerment. It’s ‪the Beach Boys‬ as much as it is a white noise loop or wind in a forest. You experience it before you can define it. That is the love of sound and music.

Before the show an interview was released from us VIA TucsonSentinel.com
Many thanks to Julie Jennings Patterson for this! You can check out the interview in its entirety HERE

Huge thank you to everyone involved in making this happen. Cans (which will soon be no longer), NOT BREATHING, & Tree’s Speak, DJ // MIJITO //, and everyone that attended, traveled, and brought your incredible energy.

Best of Tucson 2018 Winner! Thank you!


Things have been so crazy that I haven’t been able to post yet about winning 3rd place in the best DJ category this year for Best of Tucson! (Tucson Weekly)

This is my third year nominated and first year making it into the top 3. I want to give a huge thanks to everyone that voted for me!
In the time that I have been paying attention to the best dj category I have never seen a woman nominated, and in my case coming from the alternative scene I never imaged to make it up to the top 3. Coming from where I started something like this always seemed out of reach being in counter culture. I’m so happy to see that people have embraced events and music that is different from the norm. Thank you TUCSON! 🖤🔥

Check out the official posting HERE

BEST OF TUCSON! Vote for me!

I have been nominated in the BEST DJ category, 3rd year in a row! Your vote would be greatly appreciated! Go vote for me and all your favorite places, things and people here: 
TUCSON WEEKLY // Best Of Tucson 2018

Other great things to vote for and support: Sky Bar (Multiple categories), 4th Ave Yoga Studio (best Yoga Studio), Surly Wench Pub (Multiple categories), Jasmine Pierce (Best Bartender), Jenna DuMay (Best Drag Queen), Club Congress (Best Venue for live music), Speedway Veterinary Hospital, Hotel Congress (best hotel), KXCI (Best Radio Station for Music), Bookmans Entertainment Exchange (Multiple Catagories), Zia Record Exchange (Multiple categories), Razorz Edge (Best Clothing Store), Tierra Owens (Desertd) (Best Clothing Designer), Brooklyn Pizza (Multiple categories), 4th Ave Deli (Best Delicatessen). <3 



I'm excited to announce that I will be a part of HOCO FEST again this year! I'll be DJing on Friday, August 31st at 191 TOOLE (16+!)  

S U R V I V E (DJ Set)
Death Bells
Lana Del Rabies
Terminal 11
Plastic Disease (DJ Set)

TICKETS: : www.hocofest.com



I'm pleased to announce that I am putting together another GOTH CLOTHING EXCHANGE on Sunday July 1st, this time at a new location for us at SKY BAR on 4th avenue! During our past events we have badly needed additional space, this venue will give us all the space we need plus a full bar for 21+, and coffee, tea and soda for guests under 21. Brooklyn Pizza Company is located right next door and will deliver to Sky Bar. 


Bring your gently used clothing and accessories to sell or trade and meet other goth fashion enthusiasts in your local area. If you don't have anything to sell/trade just come down and browse all the dark fashions! DJ VAMP FELINE will be providing the soundtrack accompanied by classic movie horror on the projectors! 
(the venue is ALL AGES until 4pm, after that you must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.) 

If you are bringing items to SELL/TRADE:
- You are 100% responsible for your items, pricing them, providing change/keeping track of your money.
- We will have a limited amount of tables. If you have a rolling rack of your own portable table we suggest bringing them for your setup. Please keep your setup looking nice and not too spread out if possible to leave room for others. Please respond in the top thread on the Facebook event page HERE and let us know if you plan on selling so we know around how much space we need.
- Please be realistic about the pricing of your items! 
- If you have any questions please feel free to ask in the event page discussion.

HOCO Fest 2017

I'm very excited to announce that I am on the lineup for HOCO FEST this year! I will be performing all original material on Sunday night of the fest. 

Each night is jam packed with pioneering, internationally-acclaimed musicians, a one-of-a-kind producer workshop, vinyl record and vintage clothing fairs, an artist lecture, experimental sunrise after parties and so much more. We are selling only 1000 tickets each day, so snag these single day passes before they're gone! Tickets available now: http://ow.ly/mF8V30dxi1E


Photographer: Julia Lea Photography

Photographer: Julia Lea Photography